Interview with Julio Dominguez – President, American Trust Insurance

Interview with Julio Dominguez – President, American Trust Insurance

How did you get into this business?

While studying International finance I realized I liked what my Grandparents had built and the friends they made selling Insurance.

What gets you up in the morning and drives you to work hard?

The driver beyond my family is a real desire to help and guide my clients and friends when deciding to purchase insurance.

What are your long term goals?

I really like what I do, so it would be to continue as long as I can but also enjoy myself while working.

Tell me about the South Florida market for you?

In the fewest words It is a very difficult market probably the most due to the diversity of our customers nationality. But, It is also a very loyal one, probably more so than in other places.

How is what you do different from what your colleagues and competitors do?

Mainly I really try not to sell. I believe that insurance is one piece of the vehicle to make our hard work as secure as possible.

What are the challenges your industry faces now and in the future?

Unlike most I believe that most technology is a tool to help us grow, but if we stop growing and learning or lose touch with how our customers communicate we will be obsolete as agents.

What is the opportunity with the greatest potential for growth in your market?

Technology can really help us communicate and reach customers that are completely out of our geographical area.

How has the increased compliance environment changed the way you do business?

It has help make us aware of the threats we face with customers information for the better.

Tell me about your biggest client/case.

I could but our story is clearer when talking about our smaller customers who are the driving force.

What was your biggest failure?

Not taking into consideration that you always have to stay in customers minds and clear minded.

Any regrets?

I would be lying if I didn’t have any but I can tell you it is still too early to fully know whether they are regress.

Tell me outside of work what do you like to do?

I really like watching football, mostly college football. I enjoy being with my family and friends and traveling.

Are you involved with any charities that you want me to mention or highlight?

Yes, South Miami Rotary club, I am the Foundation and Arts festival Treasurer. Service before self is their motto.