Did you know that most servers only operate at less than 15% of their capacity?

It’s true - many businesses are not utilizing servers to their full potential. This is where Gradient Data Solutions’s Virtualization solutions come in. We create a virtual version of your servers and consolidate them to streamline business operations and improve efficiency.

Virtualization from Gradient Data Solutions enables your business to:

  • Increase efficiency - Consolidated servers will help you get more out of your existing resources.
  • Lower costs - With virtualized servers, you’ll require less hardware which translates into lower electricity bills.
  • Enhance backup and disaster recovery - You’ll only need to backup a single image since all of your servers are consolidated in one place.

Virtualization can be seriously complicated if you don’t know what it is and how to get it done. But with the help of Gradient Data Solutions’s technicians, we make the whole process swift and easy. Talk to one of our experts to find out how Virtualization can benefit your business.