Maximizing Efficiency for Small Business – Should You Consider Using a Managed Service Provider?

Providing efficient IT support to small and medium sized businesses is all about matching the services you want, to your exact needs. It’s about getting responsive and reliable help when you need it and having access to top of the range solutions at affordable prices. That’s why Managed It Service Providers (MSPs) can really help SMEs get the most out of their technology and embrace the full potential of the digital world.

A good IT company should work with you in order to understand your business needs and optimize your computer systems for maximum profit and minimum cost.

MSPs can help with all kinds of aspects of your IT systems, including:

Comprehensive Support

Enjoy the benefits of having a leading IT company at the end of the phone whenever you need them. You can look into:

  • Expert flat rate support - expert systems advice, advanced troubleshooting and reduced maintenance costs.
  • On-site help - expert technicians to assist with PC malfunctions, infrastructure repairs, software upgrades and any other issues that require hands-on attention from a professional problem solver.
  • IT consulting - hire a professional team to assist you with planning your next big IT project, help you keep ahead of constantly evolving technology, keep track of your server activity and even fill in for your existing IT team when they go on holiday.

Top of the Range Hardware

If your hardware needs an overhaul, MSPs can help you look into acquiring affordable and powerful PCs and servers, secure firewalls and routers.

You can also benefit from modern and sophisticated software to enhance your productivity across the business. Most MSPs will provide volume licensing on top of the line Microsoft products like Office 365, which can revolutionize your existing setup while keeping costs affordable.


How much of your server capacity are you using? Incredibly, most businesses operate at less than 15% of their maximum server capacity, draining resources and wasting money. You should definitely consider custom made virtual servers, which are built to the exact size and specifications you need, for maximum efficiency.

Streamlined virtual servers will cut down on costs and increase system performance while also offering robust backup and disaster recovery solutions in case of system failure or data loss.

Fast & Reliable Connectivity

There’s nothing worse than slow, unresponsive internet. To get ahead in today’s world, you need a secure, speedy and reliable connection. If your internet is slowing you down, it might be worth contacting an IT company and investing in new connections. Connectivity options include FTTC, ADSL, bonded DSL and leased lines to give you reliable, fast, high bandwidth connections across your business. You will also find emergency and short connection broadband available to keep you online in all circumstances.

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