How IT Consulting Can Raise Your Profit Margins

Technology is changing business – profoundly and forever. Old rules are thrown out the window and replaced with new norms, most of which are driven by technology. Being part of this connected world has become a top priority for most small and medium-sized companies and a major requirement to succeed and prosper is the ability to adapt.

Egenera Case Study

A Case Study by: Egenera Inc.
South Florida-based service provider partners with Egenera to deliver flexible, reliable, profitable cloud services to its clients
The Customer
Gradient Data Solutions specializes in serving healthcare organizations, financial service firms, non-profit organizations and industrial manufacturing firms throughout Miami with reliable IT support.

7 Ways to Destress at Work (Really)

October 7th, 2016 Share

Destress at work? Impossible! At least that’s how it might feel when you’re pounding the pavement and putting your nose to the grindstone to meet your ambitious goals. But stress can impede progress. As popular as it is to say that hustle is the only way to win, hustling in the wrong way can actually […]

Interview with Carlos Garrido – CEO Sandler Training Miami

So how does a Brit end up with a name like Carlos Garrido living in Miami?

Ha! Juan… As you can imagine it is quite a shock to many people. Especially as I spend quite a lot of time presenting at events and trainings. In Miami, when people see “Carlos Garrido” on the program they don't expect him to sound like me!

Born in the UK, I spent over 15 years in Investment Banking and Business development in the UK, mainly in Manchester (where the good football [soccer] is played) and London.

7 Olympic Strategies To Help Your Business Come In First

September 6th, 2016 Share

Perhaps no one understands how to dominate in a niche better than Olympians. These are the people who pour heart, soul, hours, grit and guts to get the glory of the Gold medal. If you saw the medal counts from this year’s Rio Olympics, you know the United States came to win. In terms of […]

IT Consulting versus Full Time Staff: Comparing the Costs and Benefits

There are very few businesses that don’t rely in some way on IT systems. Whether you use enterprise software like a CRM or project management program, or you need to maintain on-site or cloud servers, you need IT support and IT consulting in . Even creating a website for your business falls under the general category of IT. If you own a small to midsize business, you’ll be faced with a choice for your tech needs: you can hire a full-time staff member, or you can bring in an IT consultant on a temporary or occasional basis.

Is Pokemon Go Putting Your Corporate Network At Risk?

Have you heard your employees raving over catching Pikachu or desperate to find a Pokestop? Chances are, these employees are using your office as a hunting ground to build their army in Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is a game that has taken the world by storm.